Powerful liver detoxifier, with proprietary AVD formula HEALTH BENEFITS: EPADX is a formulation designed to support liver detoxification and hepatocyte regeneration, containing SAMe, NAC, Silymarin Phytosome® from Milk Thistle, Fumitory, Zinc and B-complex vitamins. Thanks to the high bioavailability of its components, EPADX is particularly effective both as a hepatoprotector and as an antioxidant and […]

Micotherapy Shitake

Micotherapy Shiitake

Immune system modulator Food supplement containing organically grown Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) (IT BIO 006) – Made in Europe. Health benefits: Shiitake has traditionally been used in the East Medicine to boost the immune response, improve gut and oral microbiota, protectig mucous membranes from oral disease and infections. Properties: Shiitake is rich in bioactive molecules, micro […]

Epaphit Capsule AVD Reform

Epaphit capsule

Food supplement containing titrated plant extracts, useful for promoting liver purification and function.

Melacol Avd Reform


Melacol is a food supplement containing polyphenolic extract of PGI Annurca campana apples (Annurcomplex®) and dry extract of olive, which promotes lipid metabolism.